3.1 setup using all 7.1 amp


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Hi all,
Total newbie to this forum and starting out on a new set up. Appreciate any help / advice.

I've got a Sony str-dh790, left, right and centre Gallo A'Diva speakers, with a Gallo subwoofer.

I don't want to install rear speakers as the room isnt ideal for it.

Question is can I use the spare rear or ceiling ports to double connect the left or right speakers? I'm thinking this will give more watts to the speakers. So say the right speaker would have two sets of wires leaving it, one goes to the front right and the other to the rear right on the amp.

Is this madness or will it work? I'm hoping I'd get more power out of the amp to each speaker, and I'd combine rear and front sound. Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the Forum.

Using the rear surround channels you can bi-amp the front left and right only. You cannot bi-amp the centre. As you have them spare you could certainly experiment but it's often a futile exercise that brings little audio benefit and you will still be drawing power from the same PSU and as you are just using three channels there is no need power wise to do so.


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Your receiver support bi-amping (page 22 of the user manual), however I’m not sure your speakers do.

your speakers appear to only have a single set of connection terminals. The idea behind bi-amping is that you connect one amplifier channel to the HF driver of the speaker and another amplifier channel to the LF speaker. To do this, your speakers would need 4 x binding posts allowing the HF and LF portions of each speaker to be separated.

the same would apply to bi-wiring. So if your speakers do only have 2 x connections you can’t do it. Any attempt to run additional amplifier connections to the speakers will likely destroy your receiver!


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Thank you for the replies. The speakers don't have HF/LF so not an option. I'll just wire it how it's supposed to be and avoid any mishaps.

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