3.1/5.1 Compact speakers for small room


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I'm looking for a compact, but full-sounding 3.1/5.1 setup for my small room that is 2.2 x 2.4 m (5.3m²)
I want a centre channel, but not bothered about surrounds/sides
The max depth of the satellites is 9cm but I can give some leeway
The max measurement in a single dimension of the sub is 25cm
I don't want to spend more than £150
I would like to use them for Movies and TV; gaming and music are secondary

Current considerations:
Cambridge Audio Minx S215 (or equivalent)
Canton Movie 75
Mission M-Cube+SE
Kef Kube-1 & HTS1001.2 [satellites are nice and compact but sub is 5cm too big]

Need a compact but capable AV receiver with two optical inputs (TV and PC). That's it.
Basic DTS and Dolby Digital decoding would be nice, but I've converted my whole library to AAC

Any help and advice is greatly appreciated


61 x 27 x 9 cm (HxWxD)
I want to wall-mount the front-left and front-right so ideally they'd be no deeper than the TV (~9cm at the mid-point)
The TV is 61cm in height and there's 27cm clearance on either side of the TV

Below TV: XX x 27 x 8 cm (HxWxD)
Above TV: XX x 106 x 10 cm (HxWxD)

A PC monitor is just below the TV so if I mount the centre channel underneath the TV the max width is 27cm and the max depth is ~8cm
If I mount the centre channel above then ~10cm depth is the limiting factor and 106cm is the width of the TV

25 x YY x ZZ cm (HxWxD)
The subwoofer will be going under my bed and the clearance in height is 25cm, but I could add stumps to the bed legs increasing the height by a centimetre or two
I have my current upright sub lying sideways so the woofer is firing into the floor; I'm happy doing the same with another sub so 25cm is the max in any one dimension

My current setup is Logitech X-530 5.1 and I'm fairly happy with it performance for movies, TV, gaming, and music. I also like that I can EQ it with software. Unfortunately, it only has those typical PC speaker connections - Green Orange Black cables (6ch direct) - so I can't get true 5.1 out of the TV.
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I think at £150 for a speaker, you are going to be looking at the second hand market unless someone can suggest a brand I'm not familiar with. Monitor Audio Radius 225's are one of the only compact speakers coming in 77mm in depth.

Looking at the normal compact speakers, even the Q Acoustics cannot are to deep for your requirements

Have you thought about what electronics you are going to use to power the new speakers?

As you have already mentioned a few speaker options, the Tannoy's would be the preferred option for myself if I had to purchase any of the listed speakers mentioned. These are quite a bit below the performance levels of the Monitor Audio's I mentioned, but they will also be quite a bit cheaper.

I'm just wondering if you should be looking at something via Onkyo's SKS-HT models. I'm sure one of them will fit the speaker depth requirements, but you may have to look through their extensive line-up over the years). These have a built in amplifier within the subwoofer where all the speakers connection to. They will also have a few connection which you will be looking for. You should be able to find them on eBay or other Marketplace sites. running down this route will mean you are looking at an all in one solution with a separate amplifier


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The Minxes are probably most popular choice if you need fist sized speakers. They are very small and nice looking. They will throw quite large/wide sound due to BMR design. Of course they sound thin compared to any bookshelf speakers, but for the size they can suprise. I had the Min 10 many years ago. The Minx sub should do fine the one with 3x 6,5" drivers, X201. It won`t play low, but sounds punchier and cleaner than the 8" version (x301), judging one comparison review. RS page has nearly 200 reviews by owners so they seem to be happy with it. It´s amazing how small sub can be.

Ah i just noticed you had the Kef Eggs HTS 1001.2 there too. Buy them (or any newer Eggs like 2001 if they fit) if someone selling 3.0 / 5.0 system. You don´t need matching sub to speakers so you can buy any sub you want. The Kef kube has ton of amp failures so it would be poor choice anyway.

As for av-receiver you probably looking some used unit. Yamaha RX-V3xx or V4xx serie would be fine for this job and usually they are reliable. If you want hdmi 2.0b with hdcp 2.2 then you need example RX-V379 or V479 or higher model like 381/383 etc. Check ebay, gumtree etc. Usually you connect hdmi cable from graphic card to av-receiver if you have htpc. You get picture and sound with it.


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Slim av receivers rarely exist. I would also encourage you to reconsider the size and budget limitations. Small speakers results in small sound. 5.25 inch drivers at a minimum is what I consider worth it no matter what.

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