3.0 setup (config included ) vs JBL 9.1 surround bar ? Please help me choose


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Hi guys ,

I have narrowed my descion down to this. The choice is based on no room for big rears in my room and not a lot of space around the TV for extremely wide floor front standers

Would there be night and day difference between the two setups in terms of sound quality or not a noticeable amountam looking for amazing quality sound to go with my LG c9 , but at the same time I do not have trained/musical ears.

Option 1

Denon AVR-X1600 -£350
MA Radius 200 - centre - £179
MA Radius 270 - fronts - £600

Total £1,129 + speaker wire

Option 2

jbl 9.1 - £750 after discount

any comments would greatly be appreciated please.

Thanks !

(apologies for any bad formatting or types , this has been done from my phone )


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Why not look at a 2.1 system as this putting something like the Marantz, MA Bronze 2 plus the MA Bronze W10 will show the systems why you don't have to go down a 3.0 or even a soundbar solution for great audio experiences.

If you wants smaller speakers, you could Monitor Audio Radius 90's with the Monitor Audio MRW10 to keep the price similar to the 3.0 system you have picked

If you're thinking that the R270 speaker will better a the 90's when running them with a sub, you'd be surprised. Running them without a sub isn't questionable though as the 90's do require a woofer to work at their best

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