2x OLED TV's dead within 24 hours


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Bit of a long post. So I live with my dad. For the main family living room we have a 55" Panasonic OLED TV. Can't remember the model. But yesterday morning it was on and all of a sudden the TV switched off and would not come back on. The red led power light was on. But each time we tried to turn it on it would just blink before going back to a solid red light. We tried what we could before calling the store we got it from for a exchange/repair as it has 5 years warranty. It's currently only 20 months old.

They will be collecting for repair next week. So my dad said he was going to buy another TV and sell the Panasonic when it comes back from the repair. So I offered him my LG OLED B8 to bring to the family living room and we get a cheaper TV for my room as I only use it for the PS5. So he ordered a LG Nano that has hdmi 2.1 for me so I can use the 4k 120hz on some games witch is great for me.

So I brought my LG OLED down. Hooked it all up worked fine for hours no issues. Turned it all off last night. This morning when I came down. The LG wouldn't turn on. Same thing that was happening with the Panosonic. Red light was on but when trying to switch it on it blinks a few times before turning to a solid red.

Lucky enough again it has 5 years warranty and is about 2 years old now. So this will also be going for a repair.

Anyone have any idea what might of happened? The Panosonic was plugged into a extension socket that was plugged into a wall socket behind the TV. The LG I plugged straight into the wall socket.

My guess is somehow the compassitors in both TV's have both blown. But if that the case. How is the 4k blu ray player and Amazon fire stick working fine? Both these are also plugged into the extention socket the Panosonic was using.

Ever since my parents moved into here 35 years ago. There has always been a TV plugged into them wall sockets and noting like this has ever happened.


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could he have bad mains somehow odd for 2 to go hopefully the older tv will stay on?
glad its got warenty


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you might not get a full refund but they should offer you something.


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These breakdowns are just coincidental and nothing to do with the mains supply, extension or power socket.
There's no such thing as a “compassitor”
I suspect you meant a “capacitor” of which there are hundreds in every TV but again, there are none that are common and fitted to different brands/models.
Modern TV's have failsafe circuitry that shut a set down to standby when a fault has been detected.

tony cosgrove

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Anyone been doing electrical work in the house recently?

Possibly reversed polarity?

Might be an idea to get an electrician to check out the electrics.

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