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Hi all,

I would like to know if it is possible to have a "10.2" home cinema system. I mean I am soon to buy a 5.1 samsung home cinema system (4 tall boy, 1 center, 1 subwoofer). However, i would like to add another 5.1 set of speakers to this system. So in a sence it would be 10.2

Is this even possible? I went to Currys and asked a guy there, and he said yes, but that they dont do amplifiers to av receivers.

So by connecting a 5.1 set of speakers to an av receiver, then connecting the av receiver it self to a dvd player with 5.1 speakers already, would this work?

Thanks, :smashin:


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No. Even it was possible, it would sound like a total mess.

If you want multiple channels you will need an AV Receiver or processor and power amps with amplification for each channel.

Why would you even want 10.2? Seriously if you want this level of performance, you would be looking at a serious investment and a dedicated room and not an all-in-one home cinema system. 5.1 is more than enough for most, especially if you live in a typical UK home. There aren't that many 7.1 soundtracks. For anything more than 7.1, you will need very deep pockets.

What equipment do you have? What type of room is it? Do you have a budget?

If you are serious about home cinema, please do not go to Currys. You have done the right thing by coming here but please give us some more information about what you want to achieve and hopefully the good folks here can point you in the right direction.

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