2nd tv on echostar hds600rs


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I've been asked to hook up a 2nd tv for my in laws this afternoon. Thing is theyve swapped their sky box over to an echostar hds600rs.
I dont see any RF out, and I'm pretty sure I dont have an HDMI cable that long (15-20m)

I think my best option is to hook up their old sky box to the 2nd TV, but if theres a way to connect a 2nd tv to the Echostar, I'm all ears.

Appreciate any tips :)



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Use the Slingbox feature of the sat box to a device connected to the second TV?

Use a RF modulator and coax cable?

Use a hdmi splitter and hdmi over ethernet to the second room?

$ky box will need a cable direct from LNB to second room. A working UHF TV aerial could allow the TV's built in tuner to work if live TV is all that is wanted.


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Could you tell me how the remote control would work under those circumstances? It needs to be as transparent a process as possible. Ie, as if using the second tv is the same experience as during the main tv. This is for an elderly couple with no technical knowledge.

Theres an rf cable already going to the 2nd room.
What kind of device would I need to use this sling box whatsit?
No terrestrial aerial.
Already 3 cables from LNB into house.
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:rtfm: ?

PC or similar most probably, unless TV is smart and has a media player client that can access the Sat box/Slingbox streamer.
If it runs Android maybe an app can be loaded on it?

Not my area of expertise. Google < Slingbox streamer client > ? and maybe check out any specialist forums for the Echostar. AVF has a thread here


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No PC I'm afraid, and the "F" manual doesn't have anything about how to set up a smart TV to run as a sling client.
Will check out the AVF thread you mention.

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