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Sorry guys I have read various threads regarding watching a tv in a second room through the TV link but am now thoroughly confused :facepalm:

This is the scenario:- I have a SKY HD box and a cable is already connected to the RF output but was disconnected back along when we changed our TV as the original TV Link stopped working. I have just purchased another TV link along with another HD remote. We have a new LG LED backlit TV with Freeview already built into this TV. I thought I could just plug the TV link into the aerial output on the rear then using a splitter plug the RF lead from the SKY box and the digital aerial for the Freeview into the splitter.

Having read some of the other posts I am not sure if this is how it is done now?

Could someone clarify please?


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Not quite clear about what your system is. Do you have one or two tv sets at remote locations?

Basically, splitters are not a good idea

Instead, take your freeview aerial into the Sky box (see the diagram in the sky manual)

Then take a cable from the rf2 socket either to the remote set or, if there is more than one, to an amplifier from where a cable goes to each remote location

A magic eye can be fitted to each remote tv

Ensure each remote tv is tuned to the same rf channel as the output from rf2

See details at Satcure web site
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Sorry I have just read my post again and apologies as I didnt make it 100% clear :(

I have my main set in the lounge which is purely run from the SKY HD box (we have gone digital in Cornwall so no analogue signal). I then have an old cable fitted by SKY that comes off the RF output going to my bedroom which is on the same floor as I live in a bungalow. I had an analogue TV originally connected in the bedroom to the box in the lounge operated by the TV link.

When I had the analogue TV connected previously the RF cable from the SKY box came into the bedroom along with a co-ax from the digital aerial and before going into the TV went into a splitter connector so that I could use a Freeview box but also watch TV from the SKY box in the lounge.

However I have recently purchased an LG TV which has a Freeview receiver built into it ( I hope we are clear so far as its difficult explaining it clearly!)

So I was going to plug the digital aerial and the RF cable into a Y connector so that if my wife is watching TV from the SKY receiver in the lounge I can watch a different programme on Freeview in the bedroom. But when we want to watch a programme in bed from the SKY receiver we can.

I hope this makes more sense and isnt a garbled mess!!!!!


take your freeview aerial into the Sky box
Then take a cable from the rf2 socket....to the remote set
Do that, then tune an analogue programme number on the set - the new TV - to channel 68 for the Sky programme, and tune in the Freeview channels on it - that's all there is to it.


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Ok thanks for that. I will have to read the manual for the TV on how to tune in analogue channels as I just pressed a button on the remote and it tuned Freeview in its self. That's the problem with these easy tune systems you don't have to think like you used to!!!!!!


The system should have thrown up the options for tuning analogue and digital - IF it has both. :)


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Just had a quick look and it gives a manual tune option of Digital or TV which if chosen gives you a V/UHF tuning option. So even though it doesnt say analogue I presume this is the one to try. I will have a dabble with this tomorrow. I am not sure how you change between the TV's receiver and the analogue as previously I would have set a different channel to watch the different systems and then use the remote to change channels from the receiver box. With the built in system you dont have that option!


Those options use rather odd descriptions but it does sound like you have both tuners.
If you still have analogue TV the terrestrial channels will tune in to programme numbers one to five.
With the Sky machine on programme six will tune to channel 68 for the current Sky programme.
There should be an ATV/DTV button on the TV remote to change from Sky to Freeview and back.

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