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Apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere, but I have looked and can't quite see what I'm looking for, so feel free to point me to another thread if it's already been covered!

I currently have Sky HD in the living room. Looking at the dish, it certainly looks like it is a Quad LNB (two cables connected and what looks like 2 more sockets).

Now, due to some miscommunication, I have ended up with a brand new Sky HD box. I was going to sell it but then I thought if I could use it at all. I have a TV in the bedroom and wondered if there was a practical way of using this box with this TV?

Presumably, I can get cables from the additional sockets on the LNB and run them into the box to provide a signal, but what am I likely to achieve with this? I currently use a signal sender from the Sky box downstairs and I can control the Sky box from it and get all the channels but in admittedly average quality. What do I gain from using the 2nd box? I have no intention of subscribing to multi-room.

Can I get a 2nd card without subscription? Do these cost? I don't believe I can use the card from downstairs as they are paired with a box - true? I've heard tell of using old credit cards in place - any truth in this?

I suppose in short I'm asking is it worth using the 2nd box (and if so, why/how) or just sell it and get a regular aerial fitted?

A FreesatFromSky viewing card (£25 which should last around 4 years) will give all these channels FREESAT from Sky - What can I watch? (only 10 of these actually need the card). Without a minimum subscription of £10.25 per month you will not be able to use any of the Sky+ recording or live pause facilities.

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