2nd Sky Connection to LCD



I'm looking to buy an LCD tv for the bedroom. Given that i'm only likely to watch Sky from the box downstairs I figured the best bet would be the Sharp P50 (26''). [I'm assuming the P50 has an RF input]

After reading various postings to this forum I have a number of concerns:

Is the pq via RF2 likely to be really poor (20ft)? Also, I read somewhere that the RF2 signal through coax is mono only! Is this really true!?
Could I use the the S-video out or the 2nd Scart instead whilst at the same time using the rf for the magic eye. Would this work? Which would be best? (and does anyone know if the Sky scart2 is RGB, in which case presumeably scart to component would be best?).

Apologies, lots of questions there I know.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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