2nd input on Sky+/HD


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On a regular Sky box I can output the signal to another TV (say the kids bedroom) over RF, with the catch that they can only see whatever channel is showing on the main box.

Since I have Sky+/HD, is there anyway I can route input 2 to the kids' room, so they can watch a different channel to the one on downstairs?

As far as I can see input 2 serves no other purpose than being able to record something while watching/recording something else. Since it's very rare that I'll ever do this, it would be more useful to me to let the brat "change the channel" on input 2 to watch upstairs, while we watch a different channel downstairs.


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What does that mean in layman's terms? ;-)
Exactly what it says.
If you want two different Sky channels showing in two different rooms at the same time, Multiroom is the only option

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