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2nd home, 1st home cinema

paul cliff

Active Member
2019 update in post #22

Hi All,

This will be a long one...sorry :)

We will soon be moving into our new home and I've had official go-ahead from the boss to install a projector and screen in the lounge, as well as new speakers etc.

I've attached an initial mock up (turned out the measurements were wrong but it will be same layout). There will be an electric screen in front of the TV which will drop down and roll up.


There is also a picture of the intended TV wall, I believe its concrete with dot and dab and plasterboard over it, with a small air gap, the opposite wall is the same. -both party walls.



Kit list - It's definitely a budget system and needs to be 'pretty'

Fronts: Roth OliRa2 - yet to buy
Center: Roth Oli C30 - purchased, in the post
Rears: Roth OliRa1 (maybe 2's, not decided, depends on how big they are) - yet to buy
Sub: BK Gemini 2 - yet to buy
TV: 42" Tosh (can't remember which one)

All going into my bargain Denon AVR x500 i picked up for £99 from RS :)

I went for the Roth's as they seem to get good reviews in the price range, and whilst there is slightly better for the money, they fit the bill in looks and size.

Screen I'm not decided on, either 106" or 120", depends on size when we get to measure up properly. - have no idea on brand, was going to go for the cheapest one on amazon, which is against my better nature but I can always return it if I don't like it!

The projector will be the Optoma HD131xe - again, there's nothing better until I at least double my budget here, which I'm not doing.

I plan to have the TV mounted on the wall, with channels cut into the plaster and trunking sunk into it for speaker wires/TV wires. (ADVICE ON THIS PLEASE) - I don't think I'll have access to the ceiling space so will have to trunk the rest round the room.

I have some experience with DIY but this will be defiantly be a massive learning journey for me, I'm still clueless about plastering etc but will give it a go!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned!
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Active Member
decide where your mounting stuff first...then cut some holes in the plasterboard so it will be covered ..remove skirting and cut holes behind that.
always run some string/rope with wires so you have the option of pulling new stuff through..
Depending on how noggins/joists (whatever their called) are placed you may have to cut holes at a midway point..
Fibreglass pole set is handy for feeding wires through..
Bad plastering shows up pretty bad in light colours.. less so with dark..

I've got holes everywhere . But they are all cunningly concealed ;-)

paul cliff

Active Member

I'll look into the fiberglass poles, how does the string work? does it mean you can run a new cable in, but only once, because then the string is out of the wall??

I've attached a quick mockup of how I hope it will look (slow day at work)



Active Member
just leave extra either side so you never pull it completely through..you'll get the pole set at any hardware store.. £15 ish
I can see the stripey wallpaper being a bit of a distraction when the lights are down and the projectors going.. on the upside it'll hide your bad plastering well

paul cliff

Active Member
I have now purchased all my surround speakers, just the sub left to buy.

Being held up by the council now though on the house move so still no moving date :( should be days now though rather than weeks!

I also think the other half has conceded that that wall paper might look a bit 'busy' on that wall :)

paul cliff

Active Member
Finally exchanged on this property so should be moving in in a couple of weekends, today I have purchased a load of Drywall Pro fixings for mounting the TV.

I've also ordered 25M of Van Damme Blue which should have delivered today, looking forward to finally getting started next week.

Of course, the first job that needs doing is sorting out the TV Placement and speaker placement and cabling....and I've put all that lot at the back of the storage unit behind the rest our house!

paul cliff

Active Member
BK Gemini 2 has been ordered, should be here soon.

We get the keys tomorrow, very exciting!

One setback, the pack of DrylinePro fixings I ordered on the 11th haven't turned up and I've only just realised when checking through things I need.

Also, the other half decided she's not keen on speakers on the wall now, and Stands are a no no due to a small child (who is crawling and climbing) so it's back to the drawing board on that one.

Good news is - that wallpaper is going nowhere near the TV!


Well-known Member
Hi mate, glad I saw this Thread. My setup is going to be fairly similar to yours. My room size is slightly bigger (19x16) but I'm going for the home cinema and dinning table in the same room (have no choice really!)

Also have the same dilemma of speaker stands and a riotous 1 year old crawling around and hanging off anything she can find!!!

Let me know what you decide with the speakers! I'd love to mount mine on the wall but I've got KEF 5005s, which I think don't look too good on walls due to them protruding too much!

May I ask where you got your Van Damme from? And how much? Again, great if used with wall mounted speakers. But floor standing would look odd due to the colour of the cable clashing... unless you have blue carpet!

paul cliff

Active Member
Hi Alps, sorry for the delay, literally been painting all day!

I haven't decided about the speakers yet, have to go on the stand for now, if they for. I think we are going to try putting them on some kind of furniture, bookcase or unit or whatever.

I think the rears will be going on stands as there should be enough 'baby barriers' (furniture) between the baby and the speaker stands!

The cable was from UK HDMI. Speaker Cable

Good price and fast service, do recommend.

Hope you figure it out!


Well-known Member
Thanks for the link, which the forum software seems to break for some reason, still at least we can work it out.

paul cliff

Active Member
Finally getting started, here's some pics of the TV on the wall, which I finished doing about 5 mins ago!

And a couple random cable shots...

Next up is cabling the speakers in and hiding the wires.

As you can see the speakers ended up on a Billy bookcase and a media unit we had.

paul cliff

Active Member
This is still on going, I haven't updated in ages.

The speakers are now on a bookcase/unit but my latest edition is a BenQ w1070+

I had a play with the projector last night and love it.

As you can see in the pics below the projected image almost fits between the TV (42") and the ceiling, so my thinking now is to not actually bother with a screen and just move the TV down a bit to fit it in.

The wall colour is magnolia and the colours look fine to me, seems to be a loss of detail in blacks but I haven't even changed any settings on it yet so I'll play over the weekend.

Anyone recommend any blurays with calibration images etc? I some THX DVD's somewhere if not.

The end game is to have the projector at the distance its at in the pictures but hanging from the ceiling.



I'll have a tidy up tonight and another play with the PJ and get some better pictures.


Well-known Member
Can I suggest that you try watching a film on it first before you go much further? For me, that is far too high up to be comfortable looking at for a couple of hours...

paul cliff

Active Member
Can I suggest that you try watching a film on it first before you go much further? For me, that is far too high up to be comfortable looking at for a couple of hours...

Yeah we watched TV on it for a few hours tonight and both agree it's far too high.

Screen has already been ordered!

This brings questions about mounting...

I don't really want to mount it to the ceiling as I'm pretty sure that just above where it's going is the en suite for the room above, and very likely exactly where the shower and toilet are!

I was thinking, the front of the TV is 3" from the wall, so if I buy a 3" thick baton, mount that securely to the wall, I could then attach the screen directly to the baton?

This would give clearance for the screen to fall just in front of the TV screen.

Sound OK??


Well-known Member
Yup, you might not need to batten across the entire wall though as some/most/all screens only require fixing at the ends, so two 3" blocks might be all that are needed.

paul cliff

Active Member
Yup, you might not need to batten across the entire wall though as some/most/all screens only require fixing at the ends, so two 3" blocks might be all that are needed.
Yes good idea, I'll give it a go when the screen arrives.

It works out that an 84" image fits in that gap, I'll take twice the screen size of my TV for almost half the price!

paul cliff

Active Member
Wow has it been that long since I updated this thread?!

So I still have all the same kit but my front speakers are now mounted on the wall, I had to compromise with the wife and mount them in the corners, it all sounds just fine though and I'm quite happy.

Projector screen went up last year and I absolutely love it, we've had a move around this week and removed the 2 units from the front room and I now have space for an even bigger screen! maybe next year :)

I'll take some decent photos tonight and upload them here.

paul cliff

Active Member

3 years later....gone is all the brown furniture, projector and screen is gone. In its place is a 65” Sony and a brand new IKEA Brimnes TV bench.

The Brimnes is excellent really impressed. Might move the speakers onto stands though.

paul cliff

Active Member
How did your receiver fits on the Brimnes?

Sorry what do you mean? I just slid it in it fits fine.

Interesting Paul, do you miss the projector at all on film nights?

I do miss the size I won't lie, I have been considering getting some sort of comfortable chair for the corner of the room, which in the evening when the kids and wife are in bed I could drag into the middle of the room to be closer to the screen.

The trade off is the PQ though, its 100x better on the TV than it ever was on PJ, and its 4K. I also have less wires, no HDMI switch box etc behind the unit. Another pro is that the TV is silent, the PJ was quite loud and it always bugged me, think I'll stick to TV's from now on

The wife has already agreed we need to go bigger next time (yes she was talking about the TV ;))

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