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Is there anything I should look out for or be wary of when buying 2nd hand speakers. I can get my hand on some B & W 603 series 3s for £350 and they are only a couple of weeks old. Can anyone give me any advice so I don't get stung for faulty or damaged goods. FYI, I don't know the seller i'm just gonna go round to this guys house and have a look at them.




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The best bet is to use your ears as they are the best judge.

Use the balance control on the amp so you can hear each speaker individually.

Lastly, if they are a couple of weeks old you should get the receipt so if there are any problems you can take them back yourself. If theres no receipt on 2 week old goods, walk away.

£350 for a pair of 603s3's is a bargain so get buying !! :)

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