2nd Hand Receiever advice needed


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I have quite a small listening room and having earlier considered 7.1 as the 'must-have' I am starting to feel that I will be better off with 5.1 with a pair of dipoles at the side / rear (placed high up)

As I do not envisage moving appartment for at least another year, I feel that a stop-gap receiver-solution is what I need.

So.....I need 5.1, DD, DTS, PLII but I don't need 6.1 / 7.1

Being new to Home Theatre I only know about current receiver models; Does anyone have a sugestion what 2nd hand receiver* I should be on the lookout for ? It must have pre-out for the L/R chanels, as I will use my Roksan for front L/R duties

Any help / suggestions / shameless plugs for kit in the classifieds section would be most welcome

(*I am happy to buy new, but see little point given the speed of development in multichannel will mean that by the time I have extra space, more developed formats will be available )


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it depends on your budget, you can get some rotel receivers exdemo, these are amazing amps and will serve you well, if they are exdemo then you still get the bomb proof rotel warranty.


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If you didn't need PLII i would have offered my yamaha DSP E800, I had this prior to upgrading.

Post your budget and no doubt you will get some excellent advice.

Nice stero amp you have by the way :thumbsup:

Bert Coules

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I'm about to put this up on the Classifieds:

Denon AVR-1802 receiver. Black, three years old and in excellent condition, complete with remote and manual. DTS, Dolby Digital & Pro Logic II. S-video, composite video and audio switching, 80+80W, A & B speakers, various surround modes. £180 including insured next-day delivery.



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Thanks for the replies, folks.

Bert - thanks for the offer. First and foremost, I'd prefer a silver receiver, to match my nice shiny Roksan kit.

However, that may be pushing it, so I'll get back to you / keep an eye on your ad

Supra, same goes for the Yamaha, and I watch so many TV films that I think I'd miss the PLII

Any other suggestions are most welcome




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oops - I forgot: budget

seeing as i can get a Yamaha 640 for around 250 quid, I suppose something between 150 and 250 is the preferred target range


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Denon 3802. I bought one for £300 a few months ago. A very capable machine, does everything I need and more!

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