2nd hand price for AE100?


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I am having to sell my Panasonic AE100 soon due to 'grief' from the other half. Rather a reluctant sale.

What is a reasonable price to ask?

Is £1050 about right including a 7m good quality VGA cable (cost £30)?
And how much is postage on something like this?

The details are as follows:

Bought in July from av-sales, 60ish hours on bulb, one stuck blue pixel (on a 6 foot wide screen, it is about 6 inch from the right side and 10 inches from the bottom and it really is non-intrusive). Otherwise perfect, boxed as new.




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IMHO that price expectation is quite high, u can get a new AE100 for £1200, plus this pj is now discontinued and a new model is coming out soon plus u have a bad pixel and there is the whole reliability issue with the AE100. I was in a similar position as yourself a few monts ago and I was very disappointed with the poor price that I could have been expected to get for my second-hand projector, so I decided to hold on to it for another year or two.

Sorry that this may not be the reply that u were hoping for but hey, I could be wrong?

BTW I have seen anAE100 in action and it really is an exceptional machine (with HCPC) for the money, it would be a hard act to follow.

Good luck



Originally posted by Comer
BTW I have seen anAE100 in action and it really is an exceptional machine (with HCPC)

err.....that wouldn't happen to be mine would it?:D

Couple of things:

While it's discontinued in Japan, it's replacement won't be available in Europe (or the US), until 1st quarter 2003 - the AE-100 is still "current" at the mo.

But I agree, with a "stuck" blue pixel £1050 isn't realistic.

Available new for £1219 guaranteed pixel perfect. Refurbished models are available from Panasonic for £999 (may have pixel problems though) & carry the full warranty.

I'd say £1000 is realistic for a "pixel perfect" model with <500hrs on the bulb (in low power mode).


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Thanks for the advice. Suspect you are right, £1050 is a bit on the high side now there is plenty of stock in the country. I'm off on holiday for a week tomorrow so when I get back I think I will put it up for £950, I think that is a reasonably fair price.

Thanks again


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