2nd hand analogue. Will it work?



Hi peeps first post in this section.
Right I am after a camcorder that needs to for fill a couple or jobs. I want to film some 4x4 events and some surfin (big zoom), but I then need to capture the video on my PC, I have a 9800 AIW would this work with a analogue camcorder? Inputs appear to be conposite and svhs. Working on the assumption that this will work what camcorders should I keep an eye out for on ebay? If possible I would like a camcorder that has a composite input so that it could be used with a wireless remote camera. Unfortunately my budget is limited £50-£100 hence ebay.


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try local camera shops as they often take old ones in PX and you should get some warranty. I am not a fan of ebay, things seem to expensive on there for me! also try cash converters and similar stores. try and have a play and budget for a replacement battery as the one it comes with almost certainly will be knackered!


For £100 you should stand a fair chance of getting a cheap s/h DV camcorder. It wont be great quality, but DV will be far better than any analogue cam and will make editing on a PC cheaper & easier.
Check also the local free papers etc as these often have cheap s/h adds that should be cheaper than Ebay!


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