Question 2nd hand amp??


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I have seen an amplifier for sale on Ebay which is barely a month old, the starting price being very good, my senses are telling me to steer clear for a few reasons and would be interested to hear other thoughts??

1) If it was still only a month old why could you not just send it back??

2) I have phoned both the Company and supplying dealer and they both say the warranty is with the original purchaser only - not transferable, so if anything goes wrong you've potentially blown £400 odd??

I suppose if im not happy with the above points i should do as my head says and pass??

Any thoughts?? Take a chance or swerve it??



Depends really if you can afford to risk £400 on an amp with no warranty? You haven't said what it is so cannot comment on any known problems with the amp. Re only being a month old, can you actually verify it is only a month old and not 2-3 months so could not send it back?


I wouldn't pay too much attention to the starting price on an eBay auction - I start everything I sell at 99p, even high-value items.


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It's a Rotel A12 and the starting price is £400, the date on the box looks to be 18/01/21 IIRC.

I can't really afford to lose £400 TBH, but with no bidders as of yet it could turn out to be a bargain.


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Thanks, but only if it was a black coloured one.

But, thanks for that, maybe hold out and see if a black one becomes available??

Because i agree, for the extra cash its a no brainer.


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Why not contact the seller and ask for a demo?

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