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hi everyone i have just been given some NAD equipment by my dad. I now have a 7020 amplifier and receiver with a C520 CD Player. I am using a pair of acoustic studio 3311 speakers. I have it all working and all seems pretty good but i am wondering if it is worth me buying a new amplifer as the 7020 is pretty old, would i notice the difference if i went for something like a 2nd hand NAD C320? any advice or opinions gratefully received
The old Nad's were great amp's in their time and had a great sound, which many prefer even to their recent amps. So I wouldn't be too hasty ditching what your have. I'm not familiar with the 7020, but the 3020 was the infamous one that many still scour ebay for. Back then they weren't super powerful (I think the 3020 was only 30W), so you had to partner it with efficient speakers, no big issue really.
Thanks for the information, the speakers im using aren't massive and weren't very expensive so will proably stick to what i have for the time being.

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