2ND Gen HD-DVD Players


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Been a few rumors here and there about a 2nd wave of HD players.In a podcast a few weeks ago a Tosh rep said the Euro Players were based on a 2nd chassis design so could this really be the 2nd wave?
There are also a couple of big DVD manufacturers in China possibly ready make HD players.
Rumors of a second generation HD1 (HD-A2) are only getting stronger and just as important as those behind the scenes whispers of a second-gen HD DVD player, is who’s likely to manufacture them. Back on September 28th of last year it was announced that “Major Chinese DVD player Manufacturers to Support HD-DVD”.

Those ‘majors’ include two of the largest DVD player manufacturers in the world. Amoi Electronics and Sichuan Changhong Electric. Amoi and Sichuan had combined 2005 sales of 19,832,998,000 Yen, yes that’s 19 billion Yen folks. These two companies have the ability to flood the worldwide market with HD DVD players. Not only the ability to manufacture them in large quantities but the ability to manufacture HD DVD players with the benefit of months worth of user comments, complaints, suggestions and revisions.

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I thought this was well known. China is planning to use it's own 'codec' for it's HD DVD players. There has been separate committees for this in the DVD forum. From our perspective it is actually quite clever. It will still allow mass production of HD DVD players hence reduced costs but will limit piracy from china to china.


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China has its own HD format for ages now called HVD (High Definition Versatile Disc) and nothing to do with HVD (Holographic Versatile Disc).
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