2nd Freeview box?...one in new HDD.


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I have just bought a new Panasonic 75ex HDD/DVD recorder. Brilliant, very pleased.

When the HDD is recording, as it has only one Freeview, we have to watch TV through the aerial....the TV is a 5 yr old but very good Phillips CRT, 2 Scarts on reverse. The Aerial is now plugged through the DVD recorder.

Now, if I want to add a 2nd Freeview so that I can watch and record Digital, firstly, is that possible, and secondly how would I connect it up please.

Any more details required, please ask!!!!



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Just buy a 2nd Freeview box and connect as follows.
Aerial in to F/V Box Aerial in.
RF Out from F/V Box to DVDR Aerial in.
RF Out from DVDR to TV Aerial in.
Scart from DVDR AV1 to TV AV1.
Scart from TV scart on F/V box to TV AV2.
Record one F/V channel on DVDR.
Select AV2 on TV and watch alternative Freeview channel from F/V box.

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