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I have a bit of a noob question thats was playing on my mind last night

for a film on a 3840x2160 UHD Bluray
if the film was shot in 2.4:1 aspect ratio
the resolution of the film you see is 3840x1600
and there are 560 rows of black pixels, split above and below, for the letterbox

This makes sense to me as the Bluray resolution has to line up 1:1 with the tv pixel grid

my question is about the Digital Intermediate which I know nothing about

I have seen people say the 2kDI is 2048×1080
and 4kDI is 4096x2160

do these resolutions include a black letterbox ? effective resolution 2048 x 853
or are these resolutions anamorphic, i.e. non square pixels, every pixel is used to capture the film? effective resolution 2048x1080

I could see that that maybe the digital intermedia should represent the final product
on the other hand dropping approx 20% of the resolution captured is odd to me

although a 2048 wide production pipeline, when the final product was 1920 wide is also odd to me so what do I know haha (I know they are made for the cinema projectors more than the tv rerelease )


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And a minor follow up question as well

Is file in the cinema DCP , held to have square pixels

Or can that be "anamorphic", because projectors are happy to scale in one direction more than another


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It's the full image size including the black bars.
2KDI is a higher res (just) than a standard 1920x1080 HD image.
The working images are then scaled to the appropriate target size with a LOT of intelligent processing.

So if the 2kdi was approx 2048x853 for my hypothetical 2.4:1 film approx 1.7megapixels
and it gets transferred to a 3840x1600 tv grid in the 4k bluray - approx 6.1megapixels

The 2k di transfer to a bluray loses 12% of the information
and the 2k di to 4k bluray transfer takes the native resolution, and upscales it by a factor of 3.5?
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