2DS charging issue


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My 2DS is behaving strangely when I try to charge it.

When I plug in the charger the orange light comes on and everything seems normal at first. But if I remove the charger cable while the system is off, the orange light will remain on.

I originally noticed that the orange light wasn't switching itself off when I left it to charge. And it wasn't charging to a full battery as indicated in the top right corner of the top screen, it was showing 3/4 full. I've left it overnight to charge anyway and it won't seem to fully charge, still only 3/4.

However occasionally I will put the charger cable in while the console is off, and the orange light won't light up, and when I turn it on it will show it's fully charged for a second, then revert back to just 3/4 full.

The 2DS has been opened recently to clean inside the screens. When I did this the speaker wires became detached, I re-soldered them on and the speaker works as normal. I have made sure the all ribbon cables are fully attached aswell. I have tried a different charger and battery and I get the same issues.

Anybody got any ideas? Thanks.

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