2d to 3d converters - whats the score?


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Mar 30, 2013
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I have recently come across a new 3d fury gadget. I'm now undecided as to wether to sell it or use it. Problem is I'm not exactly sure what it is, or wether or not they work. I've seen similar gadgets on ebay for 20/30 quid which doesn't seem right if thr tech can really upgrade any tv to 3d. Hopefully someone can offer a simplish explanation I'm a newbie to this.
TVs do it quite easily so I don't see why an add-on device shouldn't.
It looks genuine: Welcome to 3DFury.
All the units at that low price are made by the same company in China. I found one on ebay auction and took a chance. The result was far more impressive than I was expecting. Avatar and Prometheus in particular were very impressive. THE 3D is more about depth of field rather than arrows flying past your face, but Avatar comes close to that effect. But choose SBS (SIDE BY SIDE) clips and films for the best effect. Anaglyph... well, not so good, but go [email protected]; and buy the purest Anaglyph glasses I've come across. PLUS kit for all 3D requirements. Hell, tell 'em I sent you, you may get a discount!

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