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I am looking to buy a dedicated bluray player to avoid the wife wanting to use my PS3. All the players i have looked at i.e. Pioneer LX55, Denon 2012 and Panasonic bdp500 are all 3D and i don't want a 3D player as i have a Pioneer Kuro with a Pioneer LX51 receiver and don't want to change.

My simple question is can i still use one of these connected direct to the receiver and receive the quality of image and HD audio in 2D?

Every article i have read have said to connect i hdmi to the tv and 1 to the receiver if you don't have a 3D receiver but i don't have that luxury and they don't mention a non 3D TV.

The only HDMI port available is the current one take by a DVD player on the receiver as all the others are taken by PS3 and XBOX and the 3 on Kuro are used by the receiver, Tivo and a Mac Mini.

Any advice would we welcome. If this is not possible then recommendations on a 2D bluray would be ideal. Looking for best picture and upscaling quality over extra's like wi-fi, networkable etc etc

Many thanks:smashin:


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Clive197 said:
Just goes to prove that 3D is not everybodies cup of tea.

Not for me anyway... Maybe if I could find a TV to outdo my kuro then I may consider at some stage in the future but for now I don't want neighbours to think I'm hosting a Roy Orbison convention !!!

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