28PL1 still got probs?


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Hi all

I was about to buy a Panasonic 28PL1 but have seen from some past posts that people have had some problems.

Is this still the case or are they ok now?

If not can anyone recommend a good 28inch set??

Cheers in advance for your help.



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I'll let you know after Tuesday, once I've taken delivery of my PL1.


the only problem I had with Panny PL sets is the MOIRE patterning when watchind reg 1 dvds. Very annoying


I've had a 28PL10 for about four months now and the only obvious problem seems to be slight pincushion effect. No moire effect at all when playing R1 DVD's. Oh, and the sound quality is poor but if you've got it hooked up to an amp then you'll be OK.


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Got my PL1 delivered yesterday. All set up and looks great sat in the corner of my lounge. Excellent picture on it, and no complaints about the sound from me. Looking forward to purchasing my SC-DT100 to hook up to it. Put LOTR on yesterday to see what the picture is like while watching a DVD, and couldn't believe how clear it was even through my (don't laugh) Grundig 210!!

Only slight problem is on Sky Sports news and the text in the bottom left bows ever so slighty. All other channels with scrolling text seem ok.


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I have had mine for 4 months and the picture is lovely, cant comment on sound as its always been through a amp. The only time i see i problem is on a Jap Gamecube playing Mario Sunshine or Monkey ball 2, the red slighty bleeds out? you hardly notice this though (anyone know why this is). DVDs look great. No Lines that i could see, and i watch footy all the time.

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