28" w/s Advice Please....

ok, so i have these tv's shortlisted to buy. i was wondering if you could give any details about these brands/models that you feel may be usefull to me. thanks

Panasonic TX28DK1
Samsung WS28M64NS
Sharp 28JF73H
Toshiba 28Z23B
Toshiba 28Z13B
Panasonic TX28PL1

obviously, it would seem to make sense that i get the panny or the tosh, but the others have features i like. i suppose i'm looking for opinions on brands more than anything as i know very little about them. i just don't want to buy a tv everybody's been avoiding cos' it's common knowlege that it's crap.


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It's been said before, and I found out to my cost when deciding what tv to buy a few weeks back. But, do a search on your choice of tv's on this forum, and no doubt they'll all be slated in one way or another.

If it's any help, I went for a TX28PL1, and am very pleased with it.
thanks for replying, midge.

does your panny have any crosstalk probs? as i had a panny a few years back and it had all kinds of things floating around in the background.


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Had a slight problem with 'wavey' lines sometimes appearing when watching DVD's via DAVS500, when first connected, but don't know what I did as not getting it anymore!

Other than that no problems at all, once the contrast/brightness etc has been played around with, I'm very pleased with the picture.
thanks, midge.

just did a search on the PL1 .............:eek: jesus!!! you weren't wrong:(

i'll keep it on the list, but i'll have to try before i buy:rolleyes:

anyone else out there actually got a 28" tv they're happy with???? ..........can i buy it off you?:p

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