28" PW6006 or DK1?



OK, I've found both the Philips 28PW6006 and Panasonic TX-28DK1 for the same price in the same place, but after trawling these forums and the rest of the net for comments about both sets, I'm none the wiser... so I could do with a bit of personal help.

The set will be used primarily as a gaming set, for both PS2 and XBox games, and I will have a free to view digibox some time in the future too.

The way I see it:

Philips 28PW6006 - smart set, good reviews. Has some kind of random problem with dark RGB signals from PS2's, and only a scart S-Vid socket, so I'd probably be stuck with a composite input from my PS2.

Panny TX-28DK1 - Older model, about to be discontinued I believe. Haven't seen any reviews. However, it does have a seperate S-Video input.

Choices choices... can anyone be so kind as to shed any light on the situation?


Both £399 at Currys, delivered.

Before anyone asks why am I buying from Currys, it's down to 2 things:

1. Credit. I can get either on buy now, pay in 6/12 months interest free jobbys. Only a couple of other places, online and off, will do that.

2. Delivery. I can go and pick the set up from my local Currys, and take it back to them too if it's not up to scratch - most online places will only deliver on weekdays during daytime, and can't be that specific with timings. I don't have any days holiday left this year, and really can't be arsed with sitting around for some jackass delivery company to turn up with the television.

Don't get me wrong, I do loads of shopping online, but I just don't see it happening with this particular purchase.

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