28 inch CRT 4:3 Television suggestions/recommendations?


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Hi everyone
Im new here, but I hope someone will be able to help me :)
I currently have a Toshiba 29V24 TV, but when I play games on it in 60Hz mode I have noticed there to be visable 'flickering' in the corners of the screen. You can see the model here:

This has made me decide that I want a better 28inch CRT 4:3 TV (Im not going Hi-Def just yet, and I find widescreen abit annoying for games as most dont support it)
There doesnt seem to be that many available nowadays, so can anyone suggest a great/fantastic one? I am prepared to get it second-hand if need be, but it needs to be great!
Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated
Thanks to everyone in advance


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go for a sony KV-29LS30U very good tv, as ive obviously played it in 60HZ myself and its excellent, alsoon normal tv its great as youd expect from a sony, ere is where u can find one as they are obviously now dis-continued :smashin:




i got mine back in 2001 and its still going strong....:clap:


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Thanks very much :) Could you please tell me if the picture is as perfect as I would/could get from a 4:3 TV? Also, have you seen any other 28/29 inch 4:3 TV's to compare it to? Thanks in advance


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trust me the picture quality is A1 i have 3 of these sets so if u lived near me u cud even come and take a look for urself :D
i cant really think of any other models that are this good but sony's are good...

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