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27" TV that can do 1024x768 or higher...

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by jamesavery22, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. jamesavery22


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    I am looking for the absolute cheapest HDTV that can do 1024x768, preferrably 16:9, would really really like a DVI in or VGA in but not required, can live with a VGA to component converter box.. This will be hooked up to a HTPC only, so something like the Monivision DM-6552SW would be perfect but the cheapest I can get it is 935$ shipped... I am really on the boarder of HD and a normal set like a KV-27FS13... I just started a new job and just got an apt and I need a TV.... yes Id love to have an HDTV set but if its not realistic to hope to get one for anywhere close to 500$ then I'm SOL... If anyone has any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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