27"-32" LCD TVs with integrated Freeview?


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I'm looking for a new TV and I mentioned to my wife that some TVs come with integrated Freeview (so one less box and one less remote) and she's quite keen on that idea.

I know the Sharp TX32LXD1 has integrated Freeview and a thread I found via a search suggested a Panasonic one does (although it wasn't specific about which model). The Sharp is a bit more money than I wanted to spend (and has a separate tuner box, so I only gain on the remote control front). Could any of you suggest any LCD TVs in the 27" to 32" range that would suit?




I think you've got your model numbers mixed up a bit!! A TX32LXD1 is a Panasonic, it does have built in Freeview and is a lovely looking piece of kit, but lack of connections and genuine Hi-Def capability let it down, and make it hard to justify spending £1600 on it.



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Oops. :blush:

Yup, I meant the Sharp LC32GD1E (or something like that). Lucky guess that I picked the exact right name for the Panny with freeview.

Are those the only two?

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