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Firstly ive upped my budget as i got no response from my previous thread, so budget is now £550 for a 26" tv. Ive selected the following tv's:

Panasonic TX26LMD70
Sony KDL26S2030U
Toshiba 26WLT66
Samsung LE26R87BD

Which one would be better? :lease:

Thank you


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This is so difficult to answer, however I have just bought the Samsung and have found it a rather good tv.

I am only running an SD sky box via scart and a PS2 via composite/scart block.

Mum and Dad have recently bought the Panasonic and thats very nice too ! even via cable

I hate to say, but it may well come down to looks:eek:

Hope this helps, but I suspect it may hurt more now, the itch that is.

Just as an extra, sourcing the tv eg after sales, guarantee etc is very important, price is not always the deciding factor (please forgive me if I sound like a granny sucking eggs)


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I've got the Sony myself and have been really pleased with it. I was going to go for the older model of Panasonic or Toshiba and although they had more HDMI sockets, there were issues. The Sammy's allegedly had poor sound and as it was for a bedroom and I would be using the inbuilt speakers it was out of the running. I've hooked up my Xbox360, DVD, Sky (via vid sender) and a PC via VGA and the pic is very good. A big :thumbsup: from me.

I bought it from John Lewis and got a pricematch and 5 years free warranty to boot. Highly recommended.


I got the Sony. When I look around I dismissed the Samsung quite early on, a nice set but the others were bette imo. The Panasonic freeview menus, controls and setup where anywhere near as good as Sony. Picture wise only the Panny and Sony were in the running. Sony had much more control over everything than Samsung. Anyway Sony v Panasonic, well the Panasonic was good but Sony freeview imo was vastly superior. Also in digital box Panasonic support has been pretty poor and Sonys good so didn't want to end up with a non-support digital tuner in the set.


Don't know if this will make your decision any easier but there are links to reviews below

Panasonic LMD70 (which does have a PC input) here
Sony KDL26S2030U (well the 2010 which is the same but a different colour) here
Toshiba 26WLT66 - sorry I can't find one
Samsung LE26R87BD here

I have had a S2010 for over a year and am very happy with it for SD TV viewing as well as X360, Wii and PS3 gaming.

I have a 32R87BDX arriving tomorrow and will be reporting what I think of that with some photos as well as soon as possible.

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