26 or 32 ? Question...


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Hi guys and gals, i am looking into getting a HD Ready TV.

I think i am going to get the Hyundai A321 but i am just wondering what size TV do most on here think will suit me best.

Its for my Bedroom and i will be sat around 8ft away from the TV.

I have been looking for a while and for the money it seems as though the A321 is the best of the lot.

Any other recomendations you guys and gals could give me ?

I will be using it with Sky+ (SkyHD soon-ish), PC monitor, Regular DVD playback.

Can anyone shed any light on my situation. :lease:


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Bigger the better, but with your viewing distance the 32 would be ideal, HD material will look brilliant no matter what.


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I was going to get a 26" for my bedroom, but finally decided to go for a 32" and am glad I did. I sit about 2M away and use it for TV (Sky) DVD, XBOX 360 and as a PC monitor. 32" is perfect at that distance (IMHO, YMMV).

TV is Samsung R73 BTW. :smashin:


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I was going to get 26/27" for my living room. I sit around 6-8 feet away.

I ordered the 26" but called the company up, and swapped it for the 32".

I'm really glad I did. Although I'm not unhappy with 32", I sometimes wish I had an even bigger screen, so I'm extremely pleased I didn't settle for the 26".

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