26" LCD's with two HDMI inputs ??




I am looking at getting a new 26" LCD TV. It is to replace my Philips 23" LCD which is not very good and doesn't have an HDMI input on it. I will be looking to get the TV at the end of August.

The Tv will be used for watching standard and hidef TV via my TVDrive and possibly a DVD player. It wont be used for computer display-have my Dell 2405 for that.

I would like the TV to have 2 HDMI inputs and to provide a very good pictre when connected via HDMI. I haven't really set any budget as yet as I am realy looking to see what is out there and then will look at how much I am prepared to spend.

The sets I have come up with that are 26" and have two HDMI inputs are:-

Panasonic TX-26LXD60

I have also looked at the Philips 26PF7521D/10 and the Sagem Axium HD-L26-T and have ruled them out. So at the moment it's a choice between the Panasonic and the JVC.

Couple of questions I would like opinions on:-

1) Do you know of any other sets that are 26" with two HDMI inputs ?

2) Do you have any opinions on the above two sets ?

3) Any really good deals you are aware of for either set ?

Thanks for looking and for any help or advice you can offer.



Still looking for advice or opinions on this one please



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just out of interest why have you ruled out the philips? i have the 26pf5521 and am really pleased with it (use it for watching normal sky and dvd with sony ns76 via hdmi) the picture is very impressive on both sources. i guess you know but this model has 2x hdmi inputs


Hi Sloth,

The reason I have initially rulled out the Philips is that I wasn't impressed with the picture on my current 23" LCD from Philips at all.

I appreciate the 26" model is a much better spec but it has really put me off it and I don't really like the look of the set it's self.



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well i got myself that sagem TV.
if your like me, wanted a nice hdtv, but dont have the money to go all out, this might be looking into.
some people have ha dproblems with it. but thats because thyre either fussy or stumbled across the one in whatever product which is faulty.
the TV is HD ready, 2 HDMI. and it just does the job really. plus you said you were considering looks. this one looks stunning, really really good, a very nice black finish and the remote is also very good looking.

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