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Hello all,

I hope someone can please advise me here. I am looking to get a 26" LCD screen solely (for the moment) for use with a PS3 console for playing games and watching Blu-Ray disks.

The system will be in a smallish room hence 26" is really the biggest I want to go and I will be hooking it up to an external surround sound system so the speakers dont have to be up to too much either.

I'm just looking for a good screen with good picture quality and a HDMI input from the PS3.

I've seen a very good deal on a Hitachi 26LD6600 (I can get it for £250) and this seems to be a really good deal but I am a little concerned over the ratings for contrast (600:1) and brightness (500cd/m2).

As I'm only going to be using this in HD mode through HDMI from the Playstation wil this screen be a good buy at the above price or should I be looking elsewhere. I really don't want to go breaking the bank for a games machine screen.

Many thanks for any help anyone can give


I'm using a Panasonic 26LXD600 (The new 70 series is out now) but the picture on this is outstanding for the Ps3 and xbox 360 and stanard def is the best I've seen on a lcd yet,and its got PC input 2xHDMI 2xRGB scarts component input, but it's not 1080p.But at 26" I don't think it matters.


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Thanks for the reply but the Panasonic is significantly more expensive than the Hitachi I'm looking at.

I guess, not being very well versed in this technology, I'm just trying to make sure that I'm not buying a lemon if I get the 26LC6600 set.

I'm just wanting something to get the most out of the PS3 games.


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Im in the same boat as you,

personally im thinkin of in investing in the AOC N27W551T, its a 27", has a contrast ration of 1200:1, brightness 550, response time of 6.5ms.

its has good reviews on this forum somewhere and can be picked up for around £280-300.

also people have been speaking highly of a Hannspree model and a Mirai model but i don't know the model numbers! They might be worth a look.

Personally Im gonna opt for the AOC.

Dr Zaius

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Hi Gizmo750

We have the Mirai 27" DTL-527V200. here are the specifications:

Mirai thread. This is very long so search for references to this model:

I read through the Mirai forum before buying because I was wary of buying a lesser known brand. The LCD lives up to the postive comments on the forum.
Build quality is very good and the set is well packaged. There are lots of settings that can be adjusted, and, IMHO, the design is quite nice (if you like silver and black).

We have an Xbox360 outputting 720p through component, and it looks great. After the usual tweaking and adjustments there is good colour/contrast, and excellent motion, even playing ProEvo6 (6.5ms response time). The backlight is adjustable, and good black levels can be achieved. I wish we could hook up to the HDMI but the Xbox360 doesn't have it.

The Xbox360 can upscale SD DVDs through VGA. We tried this and the results were great. The DVD, 'Starship Troopers', was sharp, stable, and more detailed than I have ever seen it. The colours were good, including flesh tones, the fast movement of the aliens was free of blur, and the space scenes had good black levels. I ended up watching the whole film. I guess HD DVDs would look superb. HD or upscaled content looks good even from about 4ft.
SD upscaled by the LCD looks acceptable even good on the better channels, and football is ok with the right settings (but not too close).

The Mirai is available from a numer of retailers including:

http://www.ajelectronics.co.uk/View...R27V200 27inch HD Ready Television&CAT_CODE=7





For purely HD this set is great, but is not the best with SD (at this size screen from a distance over 6ft though everything looks pretty good). I wouldn't go for an old tech panel like the Hitachi you mention. Also this set is 27" rather than 26", and an extra inch is always welcome.

Note: I am not a Mirai fanboy. This is my son's 18th birthday present, and we have been pleasantly suprised by it. I still have a 28"crt in the lounge. I'm currently looking at various 37" sets but unfortunately, unlike the 27", Mirai's 37" is an older model so is out of the running for me.

Hope this helps.

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