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26" lcd for footy.

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by knobbs, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. knobbs


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    hi ive got a LG RZ20LA70 and when i watch footy from a min of abt 8ft the footy is great no motion blur great detail a joy to watch.

    its even better than the panasonic plasma a pe37 which i have in my living room which after much fiddling with ive got a decent pic on the footy with just slight motion blur on the grass when camera pans. think the pic is better due to the different screen sizes, maybe.

    anyway i want to put the 20" lg in my bedroom and buy another lcd for my dining room, for me and the boys to watch the footy on, as her indoors as claimed the panny plasma, so im thinking of getting a 26" to watch.
    and after reading a lot of posts, the sharp aqueos, panasonic and a few others all have reports of bad pics watching sports, which i dont get with the lg, and im very picky with the pic quality.
    so im tempted to stay with a lg, there is a 26" model out as anyone tried it out please.

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