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Aug 19, 2005
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as the title suggests I am after a 26inch tv to put on the wall in my new flat. Needs to show SD tv really well and play dvd's great.

Thats it.

Not wanting to break the bank awell after just buying the flat.

any suggestions appreciated , as I have already searched on her but nothing really stood out
to be honest, dont get your hopes up about buying a 26 inch lcd that displays sd flawlessly. NONE of them including the most expensive ones come close to crt's for sd viewing. Plasmas are said to be the second best option.
Aparantly the best 26 inch available for sd viewing would be the panasonic tx26lxd70.....
I replaced my Samung LCD within a couple of months because SD was so bad. Replaced it with a Toshiba and a nice RGB component scart. Works a treat. As already said finding one will be difficult I think you just have to accept the quality and be happy that it looks better than a CRT when off :thumbsup:
I went with a Sony Bravia KDL26S2030U for my bedroom as it offered the best pic for the £. A similarly sized Tosh model had more HDMI sockets but the pic wasn't as good and I had heard wasn't up to much with a PC. The Panasonic PX60 (replaced by PX70) was also considered as was the more expensive PX600 (replaced by PX700) but they were more expensive and to be honest, it's only a bedroom set, so was looking for VFM as well. Samsungs also worth a look if you play games but the sounds not up to much apparently but I didn't demo one. Ok, my Sony LCD isn't as good as a CRT on SD but it was replacing a 14" portable, so I can forgive it when I'm using a PC or playing a DVD or Bluray. The pic out of the box was awful and as with all LCD's, I would recommend running a setup disc to calibrate the settings. I used on the one on my Disney Pixar 'Cars' DVD. It improved things no end. I highly recommend the Sony and it can be bought quite cheaply. I used a pricematch at John Lewis and got a free warranty thrown in.
I've a 26LXD600 panny I think it's great but i only use it for games consoles,dvds,hd-dvds,and blue-rays i don't watch tv on it.
I went with a Sony Bravia KDL26S2030U for my bedroom as it offered the best pic for the £.
Same here (2 weeks ago), except that I got the "201" model. I'm pleased with the picture quality, although I'm still experimenting with settings, and fighting the temptation to turn brightness, contrast, etc up to the max! I mainly use it for watching DVDs, as a change from the bigger system in the lounge. For R2 DVDs, I use the RGB output from my R2 Denon DVD Receiver; for other regions, I use the progressive/component output from my multi-region Sony RDR-GXD310 recorder. (I sometimes also use the Sony for R2 DVDs, but it's SO slow to respond to commands, compared with a stand-alone player, and the component input doesn't support widescreen switching. To be honest, I haven't noticed much difference in picture quality between component and RGB - but I do wear varifocals!)

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