26" HDTV, Important Xbox360 questions and wall mounting.



I was wondering is it safe to wall mount a 26" Samsung LCD HDTV? I have bought the one the same as the xbox 360 is shown on in all of the shops, but the 26" version.

I bought it mainly because you can get it for £450, a bargain compared to the £750 it is in the shops :thumbsup:

Anyway i was wondering, i mounted my old 28" W/S CRT (sdtv) and it ended up falling off the wall in the end lol. I think this is because i didnt use those bolts that open up in the wall to hold it, though :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Also my other question is will i notice the difference in picture quality on the Xbox 360 by getting this TV? It is on order and will be getting here thursday, but i have the chance to cancel it if i change my mind. Must be cancelled by tomorrow night though really....Any advice? Or is it worth the £450 investment?

Other option is to try the proper bolts for my CRT and put that back up on the wall???
I use my TV for playing xbox 360 90% of the time, and 5% watching dvds on a bog std cheap dvd player, other 5% is stuff streamed from my pc using the tv-out.

I'm hardly what you would call a "video-phile" who is addicted to quality and i've been quite happy playing the Xbox 360 in SD. Is a HDTV a big enough difference to make me never want to go back, or as mentioned do you think i'd be better saving the money and sticking with my regular TV? Which i bought in Dec 2005, so its not old/damaged/worn or anything..



Ive been told the 25% code doesnt work on electrical items? use "DREP" which is 20% and will work on electricals. Sorry


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360 on a proper HDTV makes a good difference, you'll notice that all the text is so much chrisper first, really improves the graphics too. It's well worth it but you'll then start to realise just how bad TV/DVD/Xvid movies look, after that theres no way forward except HD :(

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Basskiddanny said:
Ive been told the 25% code doesnt work on electrical items? use "DREP" which is 20% and will work on electricals. Sorry
DREP is the code i used and its been confirmed over the phone that it'll be £470 which is a good price i think for a first HDTV, also been told i'll get it this week or next, canne wait, need to get something now to show off what it can do.

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