26" HD ready LCD which can display 1 to 1 pixel mapping at native res from PC


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I am looking to buy a quality 16:9 (not 15:9) LCD TV. The TV has to be HD ready (i.e. HDCP via DVI or HDMI) and be able to display the output from a PC - either via VGA port or DVI (with HDMI converter if necessary)

For quality reasons, I wish to drive the LCD panel at (or very close to) its native resolution - i.e. to avoid scaling by the TV

For 1366x768 panels, I can set the PC up to output 1360 x 768 or 1368 x 768
For 1280x720 panels, I can set the PC up to output 1280 x 720.

Please can you knowledgable folks share your successes with me...

I have looked on these forums at the Toshiba 27WL56 which appears to have issues with 1280x720 from the VGA input and the HDMI/DVI imput overscans.

I also considered the JVC LT26DS6 but its inconclusive from these forums (and from JVC themselves) whether the TV will display 1360 x 768 or 1368 x 768 correctly via with VGA or HDMI.

The new panasonic HD ready 26" don't seem to have a VGA port - maybe they can do via HDMI - any news?

Is anyone already doing this? If so, what is your TV?

Thanks in advance!


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I think that this is incorrect. The panny and JVC 26" models are 1366x768 resolution which is 16:9 (as is the samsung 26"). The Tosh 27" is 1280x720 - also 16:9

The TVs with 'computer' resolutions i.e. 1280x768 are 15:9 displays. TVs with this aspect ratio are becoming much less common these days - even from 'cheapo' mfrs.


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The LG 26lx2r will do 1360x768 over DVI-D with 1:1 mapping - you get a three pixel wide blank row at either side of the screen that's not at all noticable.

I have a PVR box connected to mine doing just this, running Windows Media Center 2005 with a DVB-T card and output via an Nvidia fx5200, and the picture is very good.

In theory you could connect to the HDMI input on this set too, but I get some sparkly pixels doing that. The HDMI input works fine for a DVD player with 720p output though.

Also, if you are thinking of buying one of these, get it from somewhere you can easily do an exchange with - I'm on my third now, which is also faulty.


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Thanks for the tip freshcheese!
I have a friend who is on their 4th LCD set this year.
Three crappy Goodmans 26" all went back to Comet.
Then he got a tosh 27" and that packed in too.
Seems to be quality control issues on some of these panels to say the least...


Apparently the JVC DS6 will do 1360x768 via VGA (D-sub) with some custom settings on the PC side; there's a thread on it somewhere which I've since lost.


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I don't think the JVC DS6 does 1:1 pixel mapping so 1360x768 is scaled to the panels native 1366x768.


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Hi Freeviewfan,

I checked through all the JVC LT26DS6 posts but could not find anything conclusive. I also email JVC but their techsupport was vague:

Their email response to my teo questions:

1) It is possible to do this via the PC input? My PC will output 1360x768.
Will this display correctly on this TV?

- Although the PC input could handle the signall because of the aspect ratios it may not be the best way to display the image from your midea PC. If your media PC has an S-Video or component output then we would advise you use these for such a task.

2) It this possible via a DVI to HDMI converter? As mentioned above, my PC can output 1360x768 on both VGA and DVI outputs but I have heard that HDMI inputs are usually over scanned hence I would loose ~10% of the display. I have downloaded and read the user guide. This seems to suggest that the VGA input will only support 1024x768 but it seems to me that it is fairly odd that this widescreen TV does not support any widescreen PC resolutions. Also, in the user manual there is no mention of overscan on the HDMI input.

- Once again we cannot guranntee the performance under these condition as the HDMI connections are intended for HDMI equiped audio/visual products.

JVC (U.K.) Ltd
Customer Service Dept.


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Is it me or do nearly all lcd tv manufacturers not have a clear understanding of what their own screens can or can't do?! :rolleyes:

As for recommending s-video above rgb vga?! :eek: Pathetic.


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Yeah - I read of similar confusion with the Tosh 27wl56.
Seems crazy considering the number of peeps with PCs these days...


The Samsung LE26R51BD / LE26R41BD makes for a great PC monitor using a vga connection.

My PC automatically picked up the correct resolution (1360*768) so all you need to do is connect to your pc and you're sorted.

The native resolution for this set is 1366 x 768, meaning it's not true 1:1 but close enough to be insignificant. You end up with a vertical line of 3 blank pixels at either side of the sreen but they are completely unnoticeable unless you are looking for them.

Picture quality via VGA is nothing short of stunning. By all acounts it better than using a DVI-HDMI cable as this will result in overscanning. WM HD clips are incredible and I've not seen any traces of ghosting or blurring when gaming.

Can't recommend this set enough. It is fully HD ready and should meet all your requirements.


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I can vouch for what tokyo_postcode says.

I've got the LE26R41BD hooked up to my laptop using VGA and it makes a stunning monitor at 1360*768. The quality of the display is amazing - much better than the laptop's own screen (which is no slouch at 1600*1050). The Sammy is SO much nicer to use than the laptop's LCD panel...... :smashin:

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