26/27" LCD reccomendations?


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For ages now I've been looking for a 26/27" LCD to replace my TV in the bedroom and go 'hi-def' to get the best out of my Xbox360. So far I haven't been able to decide on any model in particular though so I thought I'd turn to you guys for help. Any advice you can give would be priceless.

Here's my list of things to look for:

  • 26/27" (preferably 27")
  • Around 8ms response time (for the 360)
  • Able to be hooked up to a laptop easily (running at 1280x854) and could be used as a monitor for a future pc
  • Picture-in-picture would be nice
  • Lots of connections: component, VGA, DVI a must, and at least 1 HDMI highly desirable for future proofing
  • Look great with SD sources as well as HD, seeing as it'll be running freeview for the foreseeable future
  • Good picture quality, seeing as I'm replacing a really good Sony CRT I don't want to end up with a worse picture...

And finally the obligatory...

  • Am redecorating the room at the same time so the cheaper the better, I'm looking at around £500 ideally but could go a bit higher if neccessary

I should point out that this is an ideal list, I'm not expecting a TV with all of this, but the closer they are to this the better.

Recently I've been leaniing heavily towards the Sagem 26" LCD with the built in PVR that seemed to come close to the above spec, be getting good reviews and had the PVR as a bonus.. However since seeing the identical, non-PVR version at Tesco's I was a bit underwhelmed - screen seemed smaller than the other 26"ers somehow and the picture seemed to go really grainy every few seconds and movement was quite blurry (could just be a bad source input though - just a blue circle bouncing round a black screen, way to show off the awesome power of HD Tesco...!). No PiP either, just found that out today.

Can anyone comment on the Sagem or suggest any alternatives that fit better with what I'm looking for? Any advice would be much appreciated!


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Thanks for letting me know about the offer. It looks good from the specs but I don't know enough about it to buy just yet. Also, g/f might not be too happy with me impulse-buying a TV, no matter how good it is! I'll keep an eye on this one though as it's 32" brothers seemed to impress a lot of people.

Any more suggestions?


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I've just thought, it'd probably be better if it had a native resolution of 1280x720 (the res that the 360 outputs at). Also can anyone tell me whether these TV's support the resolutions used by most modern PC's. I'm thinking of getting a new gaming PC in the near future and I'd want to use this as a monitor for it so a high resolution would be nice.

Finally, I've seen someone mention on this forum (not sure which thread) that HD content is only really noticable on screens of 32" and up. If this is the case is it worth me going for a 32" model instead? I'm planning on using this in a bedroom to replace a 24" widescreen CRT so I can't go too big.


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I can recommend the (popular around here) Sony 26KDLS2010 we've had ours a couple of weeks and the PQ has gotten better and better.

It might break your budget though at around £650.


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Ah yes, I've noticed that getting a lot of praise purely for the PQ. The price might not be too much of a problem as I don't need to buy just yet, so I can wait for it to come down in price a bit. Definitely one for the shortlist, cheers!


I've heard no bad words said against the Panasonic TX26LXD500.
Ordered mine and just waiting on it...

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