25th Anniversary Top Gun


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I see this is getting a big re-release in America with some cinemas putting it on. Any sign of this happening here?
I feel the need.....


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I re-watched this on telly the other night. The more I think about it the more I do believe Batman was the stand-out star. Sooo funny it is untrue


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The re-done soundtrack on the special edition dvd (don't own the blu) is masterful. Shows what they can do if needs be.


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They are bringing out a 25th anniversary Bluray for this:clap:


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pub quiz: what's Goose's real name?

no Googling allowed!
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Indiana Jones



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Saw this in the cinema in Auckland a few months ago as part of a classics weekend!

Was frickin awesome on the big screen, people cheering and clapping, deathly silent when they have to eject and the cheers at the end! Plus a bloke in front had a full on replica Maverick flight jacket :)

But looking back at that film, my god its camp in parts HAHA! :)

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