250 GB DVD Recorder coming in Spring 2004

sounds a nice bundle. but it's gonna cost the earth :(

but then it is a sony !
I think the new SONY Playstation PSX also in 160 or 250 GB versions, will drive the prices down.
Expected also in Spring 2004.
frenchie, the date on that news is 11/12/02, me thinks its out of date!
I see the Sony specs state "bidirectional dubbing (DVD < > HDD).

This would be a welcome advance on the pointless Panny limitations. I don't see how copyright reasons can be quoted for the panny when you can't even dub a partially recorded dvd-r back to the HDD.

It also states chasing playback on DVD as well as HDD, although the DVD has a cryptic unexplained asterisk; I thought RAM was the only dvd media capable of chasing playback; (but I guess it depends on how many recording / playback lasers they have...)

Shame it doesn't take RAM as well (at least in playback capacity); after all RAM is part of the DVD multiformat standard.

Still looks like a nice bit of kit though...
Okay, I'll bite / show my ignorance.
What's a DVB tuner?
Originally posted by Frenchie
I also do not know if it is a Audio CD Recorder...

That's a different kettle of fish entirely as that would be a CD burner as well (altho not unfeasable given the PC combi drives available); I think the answer's a definite no:

Record Media: DVD-RW, DVD-R and DVD+RW
Recording Formats: DVD-R (Ver2) DVD Video Format (Approved by the DVD forum)
DVD-RW : DVD Video Recording Format (VR mode)
DVD-RW : DVD Video Format (Video mode)
DVD+RW :DVD+RW Video Format
Originally posted by Kevo
Digital TV tuner, ala Freeview

Thought so, but wasn't sure.
Well, where do you stop? It hasn't got a built in Sky box either nor a radio tuner... I guess it has to be semi-built for international markets and Freeview may well be a UK only thing.

In saying that, manufacturers cope with the different PAL standards and NTSC, and there is the Freeview / HDD recorder from DABS.com I mentioned on another thread; that's only £149 for a 40Gb HDD & a freeview tuner; not bad I thought...

Guess you'll never have everything...
there are now 3 DTT HDD recorder available from PACE. HUMAX and Fusion IIRC alll STB manufacturers, however as DVD recorder have analogue tuners they will have to have DTT tuners at some point. Sky have Sky+ and as there is no CAM for sky even building a machine with Sat decoder and CAM which would work in Europe wont work here. DTT is rolling out over europe slowly tho so it will come.
Frenchie as for not seeing the point in a DVD player, have you ever seen heard DVD on proper system opposed to composite on a 14" TV? (were it is still better PQ than VHS by far!
DVD is about so much more than recording eastenders whille you are out!
I have yet to know what East Enders is before recording it.
For that, I would need a DVD RECORDER, NOT Player ONLY.

I agree with you:
A good DVD Player is better than a bad DVD Player.
But a good DVD Recorder is better than a good DVD Player.

I can consider buying subjective qualities if basic functionalities are there.

I cannot remember anyone buying a VHS PLAYER, not RECORDER.

What about CD players?
Do you see the point of them without the ability to record?
VHS/ Beta players were all the rage in early 80's allowing you to watch a film at home, the exact reason VHS became the dominating format even tho Beta is a much superior recording system!
And a good DVD player will outperform a recorder almost every time for PQ. so unless you only want to record TV for viewing later a DVD player (considering good interlaced machines are sub£100) is welll worth buyging, infact if you have a PVR you only need DVD recorder fo archiving.
Sky+/TIVO/Pace twin and DVD player can cover almost every need you have for video entertainment!

AUDIO: I buy CDs or MP3s electronic files. No need to burn CDs.

VIDEO: I buy DVDs. I want to be able to record films, documentaries and record them in hard drive or on DVDs.
In the future, it might be possible to buy films as electronic files (as for music).
You can watch films/music in startling pic clarity, in the correct aspect ratio, listen to the superb 5.1 soundtrack plus all the other benefits like easy disk navigation, extras etc.

Why would anyone deny themselves this just cos they can't record:confused:
Horses for courses...
I got a DVD player the year they came out for a "bargain" £350; my sister has only just bought a DVD "as they can now record". (And she went and got a budget Biko dvd+r recorder)
The thing is that I do NOT need a 'Deluxe' DVD with top end functionalities I would not use, like progressive scan, SACD, DVD-Audio.
My TV is only standard crt flat screen 28'', I do not have SACD CDs, speakers...

although the DVD has a cryptic unexplained asterisk; I thought RAM was the only dvd media capable of chasing playback; (but I guess it depends on how many recording / playback lasers they have...)

There is nothing special about DVD-RAM that allows it to record and play at the same time, apart from the fact its datarate was twice that of DVD-RW. Now that DVD-RW is two speed, it to can record and play at the same time, and that is what the asterix should be explaining, "On x2 speed DVD-RW only". There is only one laser, like DVD-RAM, but as the laser/disc can be read and written to twice as fast as the video datarate, it just writes a bit then reads a bit etc. A chunk of SDRAM (the same with DVD-RAM and hard-drives) is simply used to supply or buffer data for the split second the laser servo is in transit between different areas of the disc.


The AvLand specifications are based on the US/Japanese models and do not reflect what we are going to get here. The majority of the specs will doubtless remain the same but it should be noted that it is not guaranteed that Europe will get the 250GB HDD in this unit. All the major companies scale down their HDD sizes for the European market (for example Panasonic's top of the range model in the US is 160GB, here it is 80GB). We won't know this until closer to the release date - although I reckon we will get the RX8 with a 80GB drive and the RX10 with a 160GB. The units will also support DVD+R recording.

I did not see the point of a DVD player only, or DVD recorder without hard drive or DVD recorder with 40 or even 80 GB hard drive
Interesting viewpoint Frenchie. At top quality mode 40GB gives around 9hrs of recording and 80GB gives around 18hrs. For SP mode (which involves very little loss of quality given the low bitrates used by UK DTV) you can double those figures. For long term storage all recorders allow you to dub to either DVD-RAM or DVD-RW. Of course bigger capacity is always welcome - but the core functionality of the machine is no different.

The RX10 looks much, much more interesting to me for the 15MBits/S recording mode. Unless other HDD/DVDR combos match this then the RX10 will become the top dog IMHO.

And STILL no DVB Tuner
This is something I await as well - preferrably with a 7 day EPG to make recording simple! The ability to record a digital signal direct to the HDD, edit and then dub to DVD-R has to be the way forward.
I cannot remember anyone buying a VHS PLAYER, not RECORDER.
There were loads of budget VHS players (not recorders) available in the 80s! They used to be the cheapest options in the Argos catalogues for many a year!
I did not see the point of a DVD player only, or DVD recorder without hard drive or DVD recorder with 40 or even 80 GB hard drive

I better take my week old HS2 back then. :D

I still have 15 hours left on the hard disc. I would prefer a 80GB but that would have been a lot more money and 40GB, It is still the equivalant of over 8 RAM continous discs.

The biggest differerence is not needing to have to swap discs and be able to do more than 2 hours at SP quality. Even 40GB is sufficient for that.

I would like one with 250GB but, they will be impossible for most people to afford for quite a while.

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