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Hi All

I watch video material from my HTPC which outputs a variety of frame rates. When I watch stuff that is 25fps on my ageing 720p display set at 50Hz it plays nice and fluid. When I watch 24fps there is a slight judder which would be expected at 50Hz (no other settings available on the TV). I am about to replace my TV and would like to know that if I get one that supports 24p I would see no more judder with 24fps material? Wouldn't there be noticable flicker at 24Hz or does it operate at 48Hz, 72Hz or even 96Hz. The TV would also have to support 50Hz and 60Hz. Are these specs available on the latest sets. I am particulary interested in the NeoPDP plasma sets (whats the 600Hz all about?), anyone have experience of this or recommend another TV? I don't need the set to have built in freesat etc, just interested in the best possilbe screen

Thanks very much for any help here.
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As long as you get the HTPC to output the video at 24Hz, the 24fps material should play nice and smooth on a 24p set.

50Hz and 60Hz is what PAL and NTSC video run at respectively - any HDTV should handle these, so I wouldn't worry about that.

More & more TVs are being advertised with 100Hz, 200Hz, etc processing. With this functionality enabled, these TVs analyse the input video signal and create/insert intermediate frames between the original video frames. So for example on a '100Hz' TV, when watching a PAL DVD running at 50Hz, it's essentially doubling the the amount of frames. You can read all the marketing blurb on the benefits of this, such as reduced screen flicker, better motion handling, etc. If you look around on the forums, you'll see that not everyone would agree with what is claimed.

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