24mbps broadband...£24pm


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Looks good to me, I for one will be changing from AOL as soon as my 12mnths contract is up its just a pain constant disconnections and they cant stop meddling with the browser. Has anyone else had any probs with them?


It'll be available in my area from April next year. Uncapped too. I wonder how ntl will be able to top that.


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Your internet speed will only be as fast as the server youre getting anything off. 24mbps imo is overkill for home speeds.

10mb tops at present is more than enough. But yeah tis a good price hehe :>


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24mbps is preparing for tv over broadband. it probably wouldnt be any faster than 2 or 4 meg for internet surfing.


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When NTL increased my speed from 1Mb to 2Mb I didn't notice any increase in surfing speed. The download speed is much better though.


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I am currently on the AOL £24.99 per month option. This is 1MB uncapped.

I am now out of my contract and am considering changing, with Tiscali probably my preferred option.

Called AOL and they offered to cut my cost to £15.99 for the next year, but I have to drop down to 512K. This won't really affect my surfing speed, just my downloads, but I am not really in any hurry !!

Confused now as to what to do. I realise that for £15.99 with Tiscali I could get faster speeds but I would have to go through the hassle of waiting for a new modem to arrive and getting a new account up and running. Plus they are capped, and the person at AOL call centre put something into my head, and I don't know if it is true or not. They said that to be careful of capped internet. I told them I did very little music downloading etc. I was then told that EVERY page you download, be it email with/without attachments, checkign AVFORUMS, checking BBC, checking your bank account, uses up your monthly allowance. Is this true? I assumed it was only if you actually downloaded files such as films, music etc that you saved to your hard drive.

Any advice appreciated as to stay or leave.


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I have just checked Tiscali's site and they are now offering an improved deal of 1MB unlimited for £14.99 p/month.

Might switch after all.


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Plus Net do a £14.99 for 2MB uncapped.
It's what I've got.
Actually, I've got it for £13.49 as a year and a half ago, I recommended someone and they've stuck with it. £1.50 off each month equals almost a whole pint from the local weatherspoons!

Andy Leitch

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mickrick said:
It'll be available in my area from April next year. Uncapped too.

It is capped although no limits have been specified.

From ADSL Guide....

The service is promoted as '24/7 unlimited downloads' but a fair use policy does exist, which states "What about excessive network usage?

If it's felt that any member's Internet activities are so excessive that other members are detrimentally affected, Be may give the member generating the excessive web traffic a written warning (by email or otherwise). In extreme circumstances, should the levels of activity not immediately decrease after the warning, Be may terminate that member's services."

Ian J

JohnG said:
When NTL increased my speed from 1Mb to 2Mb I didn't notice any increase in surfing speed.

I've always had the basic NTL package which was originally 150 which was doubled 18 months ago to 300 and increased again last month to 1Mb all free of charge and as I don't download music or video it doesn't seem to make any difference to me.

What I have noticed is that whatever speed NTL offer me it is still log jammed for much of the time and frequently inaccesible too and I would gues that the same thing would happen even if NTL offered me a 5,000 Mb connection


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Is this 24Mb thing going to be ADSL2? If so, then the speeds decrease with distance from the exchange quite a bit more steeply than ADSL. Most people will be very lucky to get 24Mb!


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From what I've heard it is ADSL2+ so if you live further away you get a reduced speed:
If the quality of the copper is perfect, and there is no line noise, you will receive 24 megs up to a kilometre from the exchange. If your line is two kilometres long then you can expect to receive up to 15 megs. Your bandwidth will decrease further as line length increases, and we do not offer our service if you are further than 5.5 kilometres from the exchange.
This snippet of information is taken from Be's web-site FAQ


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Hi Folks,

Im downloading at 10mb right now :) looks like telewest have updated my connection ! I pay 35 quid per month uncapped. Im paying 35 quid per month. I have just downloaded 100mb in apprx 1m and 40s :clap:

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