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24hr Le Mans


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Well its that time of year again. 1st practice started 15minutes ago. It's 4 days of practice, fettling, qualifying then 24hrs of racing.

I love it just as much on the nerdy level, as much as the bhp fuel filled racing.

Shame about the lack of audi's but hey hoy.

And as it falls of Father's Day I get left in peace to watch the whole race.


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More drama in 24 hours than an entire season of F1. Utterly compelling viewing and brilliant racing. The LMP1 situation has become a bit farcical though but great to see a Porker in the lead again.


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What a finishes feel for
Corvette but great job Aston Martin & of course the LMP1 Porsche from nowhere
poor old Toyota


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An excellent race I thought; with the lack of LMP1 cars it was nice to see the GTE classes get more coverage than in previous years. The racing is always top notch - from a brand loyalty point of view it was great to see Chevrolet and Aston going at it for so long. A pity that it ended the way it did but that's racing.

I really, really fancy going to see it next year :thumbsup:


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Yeah, I've been asked to join a couple of mates that go every year. I've been to MotoGP and f1, rallying and endurance bike racing and the atmosphere is great but I think 5 days camping, drinking and trying to watch what is a very complicated and tactical race might just be too much. And it always look hot as .... or raining and no happy medium.


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Seeing a mechanic dangle a nicely fashioned knocking stick through the body made for the most interesting pit stops - it's odd that it's only come out now that it was illegal.

There was countless pit stops throughout the latter half of the race where the stewards or race control could have given them a penalty and forced them to change the starting process (in this case, cowling removed every single pitstop to allow the above mentioned knocking stick to do its job).

The point being it wasn't as if they were trying to hide it, most commentary teams were making a discussion point of it every stop, so the race stewards ought to have seen it and could have said something to avoid them being stripped of their race result. Racers will go with the 'silence is consent' mentality in these instances.

In any case, I hope they add an inspection hatch to the rear cowling, with hazard tape around it to emphasise its existence at the next race - that way the knocking stick becomes legal :D


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I'll be glued to radio le mans, as I haven't got Eurosport. While it would be nice to see Alonso win it, I cant help but feel it's a bit of a hollow victory. Toyota are a big fish in a small pond this year, so pending reliability woes, it's highly probable they'll win. With no Audi or Porsche there in LMP1, the non-hybrid P1 cars don't stand much of a chance and Toyota can dial the cars back to ensure durability, it's no longer a 24 hour sprint like it has been in recent years.

In any case, it's a brilliant spectacle of a race. As a side note, Aston Martin's YouTube channel will be live streaming their heritage race at 10:10am on Saturday :thumbsup:

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