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I'm looking at the new streaming and network music technology as an option for going beyond 16bit 44.1KHz CD audio.

I would like a device that can deliver an unbalanced analog line in to my amp via plain old RCA connectors.

I've looked at a variety of devices such as Squeezebox, Sonos, Cambridge Audio NP30, Arcam rDAC.

I can see a all sorts of ways that this might be achieve by plugging together various technologies.

The NP30 has a USB socket on it and can apparently play files from a memory stick, and also has a display for selecting them so it might fit the bill.

The rDAC also has a USB input and can play hires files from that. But it has no way to select which files to play.

Neither of them can do so when streaming directly to them.

If I were to add a NAS device and connect it to the rDAC via USB then maybe use software on a phone to tell the NAS what to play.

Has anyone done this and how did they do it?


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My setup is NAS / file server in another room -> mini-itx PC running VoyageMPD -> HRT Music Streamer II - controlled by MPoD or MPDroid - but ymmv


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I use a squeezbox touch , a nas , and ipeng app for the iphone/ipod/ipad to play high res files.

A lot of nas devices have the ability to run squeezbox server , but as far as I know you must have a squeezbox in the chain.

The squeezbox will do high res files up to 24bit 96khz, as far as I know , Sonos wont , so keep that in mind.


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Has anyone done this and how did they do it?
The Squeezebox Touch will play back 24/96 material held on disk. The Linn DS and (newest) Naim streamers will go up to 24/192 natively, as you'd expect as Linn Records is one of the few sources of 24/192.

TBH the USB inputs are mostly for convenience of plugging in an mp3 player. If only due to their jumbo size, you'll be keeping hi-rez files on a NAS\PC.
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You may also be able to use the USB input with an external hard drive. Although you'll have to format the drive using FAT32 which has a 32GB partition limit under Windows - you can format the drive with free third party utilities AND ironically Windows will recognise the full capacity so you can easily transfer files (there is a 4GB file size limit tho). I've done this with my Marantz AV7005 and an external SSD.

Personally I don't want to do the streaming thing and just want to connect a large capacity storage device to my hifi and play music ...no PC or router or network or wifi involved just a plain hard connection.


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