240p test suite is giving me inaccurate colors.


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I have a Sony KV-20FS120. Beautiful hunk of 55 lbs of CRT. I calibrated the color, black level, etc. the works using 240p test suite on my Wii. Open up Smash Melee, the reason I got it in the first place... and it looks awful. The reds are blown up, all the bright colors are so bright they're hard to look at, and the dark colors are practically black. Bear in mind that when I calibrate the TV colors by eyeballing it using melee, I can get it to look pretty much natural. My only guess is that the color being output by the Wii proper is different than the color being output by the Gamecube part of the Wii. How can I calibrate it correctly! Help me answer what Reddit could not.


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So what meter and software did you use to calibrate the tv, or did you simply "adjust " it?

Most crts don't have anything like the same level of control that you will get on a modern lcd, so normally all you can do is a basic brightness, contrast setup and to set the colours, a blue only bars test.

If all you are doing is gaming, set up the screen to suit your preferences. It's really only for TV and film viewing that you would be concerned over colour accuracy etc.

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