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Sep 16, 2002
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Which is the best version to get, R1 or R2?

Not really fussed about extras to be honest.

I've noticed the region 2 version is not 5.1, is the Region 1 the same?

Will I get charged import duty if I buy the R1?


Series 1 didnt have 5.1 on either region, dont think the extra's are different either.

There is a bit of extra footage on the R2, i cant remember what it is though.

Id say go for the R2
The Region 2 and 4 releases have 90 seconds more footage than the Region 1 release so they are the ones to go for.
Having watched some of 24 season one region2 in addition to the region1 I had, I must say I'm very surprised that the region 2/PAL was superior, as I think it was a us video sourced series??

In the past I tried the region1/NTSC via TheaterTek software DVD and alternatively an X-card/PDI/HOLO3D(Faroudja DCDi) at 60Hz scaled to 1440x960 on a 7ft screen.

The PAL copy showed surprisingly slightly less deinterlacing artefacts. The scene where Jack is given his mission brief had a wicker pattern behind the actors which looked reasonably smooth on region2, whereas I remember it aliasing badly in the region1 release.

Perhaps 24 was filmed on high-def or film stock??


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