24 - SEASON 1 dvd boxset £17.99 - stock on order





says: Stock on Order. This title will be dispatched on or shortly after 15/3/2004 so assume will be able to get for the price

Price: £17.99
Postage: FREE (UK Only)

i think amazons got this for £32.99
yep still waiting for mine - I just hope they fulfill the order
Just ordered mine...Ive never seen a single episode!!
Only heard good things about it....Cant Wait :D

Nice find m8!
I oredered a set. I got email today that summary/features on back cover of box written in Swedish!!
I may cancel. If collecting, i think i should stick to English!!
It's hardly anything to worry about, the important thing is what is on the disk surely? And apart from the back cover its apparently exactly the same (booklet is English) as UK version. Definitely not cancelling mine that's for sure!
I agree with Philster. I got the same email and I'm not cancelling a) Because it's a bargain, b) Because it's what's inside the pack that's important (French writing on Canadian R1s doesn't upset me any more) and c) if there are any differences there's bound to be more sex scenes in this import version: C'mon, it's the Sweedish release, wahay! ;)
This is now back in stock at 101CD

They sent me my dispatch e-mail
price has gone up now Price: £36.99

Those that ordered got nearly 1/2 price !
:clap: mine has been dispatched
Anyone recieved theirs yet? Mine was despatched on 14th (Sunday!??)
Originally posted by dave04
price has gone up now Price: £36.99

Those that ordered got nearly 1/2 price !
That's a temporary price until they can confirm that they can get more stock in at the £17.99 price. They're just covering their bases.
yup as above was supposed to have been dispatced monday...no sign of it yet!:rolleyes:
Same here - dispatched Sunday - no sign of it yet !
Ditto, dispatched but still waiting. *Please* arrive before the weekend or I'll have to spend Sunday talking to the in-laws.

I will be praying for you Smiffy!...:laugh: :suicide: :zonked:
First of all, I would like to say Thanks for the info on this one. Stumbled across this site and saw this bargain. Was going to buy it for the wife at Christmas for about £32. Luckily I didn't and now will have it for a bargain.

Anyway, mine hasn't appeared in the post today. Anyone got lucky yet?
Mine came this moring - small swedish flag on the side and the writing on the back, otherwise looks normal - good packaging from 101cd aswell.
I've had a note delivered through the door saying that the postie tried to deliver a package too big to post through the letterbox - anyone confirm that it's a big parcel this 24 series 1 ? !!!

Warnie, it might just be slightly too big for a letterbox, its tightly packaged with a tough cardboard.
Thanks mate, will go and pick it up tomorrow morning then, just after I pick up my new phone I bought on a terrific deal with 3 this week;-) A week for bargains methinks! Sweet!

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