24 region 1 or 2?



Hi, Im looking to buy 24 on dvd but i cannot decide which region to buy. Does anyone know the respective merits of each one?
I cant seem to find a detailed description on the difference between them. I know they are a different length.But thats all.
Which one do i buy?:confused:


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i would say wait for the r2 reissue as it has more footage on the later episodes which the r1 version doesnt have

the r2 version on sale at the moment is identical to the r1 version which is the version aired in the us the r2 version differs to the version shown by the bbc as some cuts were made so fox are reissuing these discs so i would wait for those

the only differenc in extras is that the r1 vesrsion has a commentry on the extended ending

Greg Hook

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Does anyone know if the R2 reissue will sort out the annoying time problem? eg On BBC2 when the scene ended you had the time tick on a few seconds and then the next scene started. But on the DVD set when the scene ends the time ticks on a few seconds, it black out for a few seconds and then the time ticks on again but it will be a few minutes later. This is very annoying.



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Fortunate enough not to buy it before hearing about the troubles... anyone know when the reissue is being... er, issued?

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