24" Full HD Monitor for gaming and Blu-Ray


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As the topic title suggests im looking for a 24" monitor thats full HD and good for gaming (PC and PS3) and watching Blu-Ray DVDs (so HDMI is needed), ideally I'd love to spend £250 but I could maybe stretch to £300 if the jump in quality is big enough.

Any suggestions would be welcome


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Dell 24" Monitor Widescreen S2409W Black LCD 16:9 DVI HDMI HDCP 1000:1(3yr Manufacturers Onsite Warranty)- microdirect.co.uk
my m8 has one of these puppie all i can say is when i saw it in action my jaw dropped both with ps3 andxbox 360 blu ray through the ps3 is awesome on this screen. PS it can be found cheaper if u look around

Cheers, i'll check it out

Thanks for the info

You'd have to drop down to 20-22" as well, the jump in quality for 24" happens at around £400 currently.

Really? Would the increase in performance of a £300 22" be noticeable over a £300 24"?

Sorry for the questions, I just want to get this right


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Really? Would the increase in performance of a £300 22" be noticeable over a £300 24"?

I don't have any personal experience, having blindly decided on the cheap side of the fence when only the 24" options were availible (22" is a newer size than 20" and 24") but a lot of people do think so.

There is actually a 22" £200 high picture quality monitor in the Dell 2209WA, but it's had some corners cut to get it down to that price and would stretch the PS3's picture vertically slightly rather than displaying it in the proper shape so you're probably looking at something like the HP LP2275w.

With the cheaper 16:9 monitors just coming onto the market if you were to wait a year or two for the higher quality ones to come out then you'd find that your £250-300 would probably be the point where you got the jump in quality at 1920x1080. Unfortunately, like the 22" screens when I bought, they're not here yet.
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