24 fps and possible issues with TV


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I posted a thread regarding what Blu Ray to buy,I was just on my way out to buy the SONY 350,when I was informed that Blu Ray 24fps can cause some problem with certain TV's ?.

I have a PAN 26LXD70.

Any advice please?.



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It will just convert the video to 60hz instead of 24hz. It means that on panning shots there might be some judder but some people don't notice it.

Being a 26" TV it might not even accept 1080p anyway and so have to use 720p which will use 60hz automatically.


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Thanks all,I don't think I will bother with Blu Ray :( .

I'm put off by the possible problems I might experience with my TV:( .i only bought The TV 12 months ago,it got to last at least 2 more years before I upgrade.

Thank you all for your honest comments:thumbsup:


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Maybe you would be best to try and see a demo of a BR player with a non 24Fps screen. As many do not feel it is a massive problem.

I normally use a HD PJ for my movie viewing.. And it's not 24Fps compatable. I've been enjoying both HD-DVD and BR for a while now, without the 'judder' ruining my experience.

IMHO 24Fps compatability is the icing on the cake, not a necessity.

Although if you are using a 26" screen then you may be right, BR may not be for you. Unless you particularly wanted the HD audio or BD-Live.


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When it comes to movie image quality I always try and buy the best equipment which I can afford .

Like I said I have the 26LXD70 (superb LCD in my opinion),Pioneer DV-565A and a EXOS SCART.

These 3 components provide a superb image.Cant fault it.But with all the recent publicity regarding Blu Ray I thought maybe Its time to go Hi-Tech ?.

I will follow your advice and see if its possible to view a demo on my mine or another 26" LCD.

But in the meantime I will make do.

Thank you for your help:thumbsup:

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